Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tropical Experiments

These are alcohol ink backgrounds. I love them so much that I had difficulty about covering them up!

I think the koi pond worked out well enough. I printed images from the internet and slicked them up with some acrylic pearl medium. Voila.

Same thing on the Hawaii card. Acrylic highlights on a printed image.

The Tiki Dude has such great possibilities, but needs to be re-worked. My effort to outline him should have been done prior to adhesion because I made a mess! Again, I love the background so much that I didn't want to cover it (not such a good thing). Take a close look in the lower right for a frightened mermaid figure!

I love the colors~

The good news is that I had nice success with some items I cannot post yet due to swap secrecy!! ~~Stay tuned~~


Mam said...

Your backgrounds are AWESOME. I have never tried the alcohol inks. Do you use them like watercolor? These are beautiful. I found the mermaid. That is cute! I do that, too. But sometimes I don't think to outline (or whatever) til I get it there and look it over.

Neith Juch said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love, love, love the Koi Pond and this has me wanting to get out my alcohol inks and play again!

Dawn said...

The alcohol inks are so much fun to play with. I love expirmenting with the different strokes. What kind of paper are you using?
Yours look GREAT!
Dawn :)

Stark Raving Newbie said...

Thanks for all the kind words. Many emailed or posted here asking about the technique for the backgrounds.

These really and truly are from my very first-ever attempt at alcohol inks. (On glossy cardstock)Follow this link and scroll down till you see "the puddle". You're going to like this!


Stark Raving Newbie said...

OK -- the link is not clickable from here -- See? I told you I am a newbie! On my blog, you can click the titles on the right hand side. You want "Alcohol Inks for Newbies"

Thanks again and keep on crafting!!


Maskrosus said...

I love those cards, especially the one with the flower. The colors are so vibrant! Very Nice!

BeatnikBettie said...

tiki yay