Monday, July 7, 2008

Sue Harrison

I can't adequately convey to you the heart of Sue Harrison. She is an incredibly talented multimedia artist. She's a designer and teacher with a Midas touch! I have asked her to give us a summary of her career...and the minute that's in, it will appear here!

For now, let's talk about her generosity: Our Art Salon meetings take place in her studio, where she shares every tool and supply without hesitation. She says to me "Don't buy anything! I probably have it!" LOL So I call her before I buy supplies for us.

Sadly, we all have to stop working to eat now & then. Sue usually makes us a wonderful lunch to share before we go back to work with "fresh eyes."

And of course, every studio needs a mascot! This little darling is named Calamity.

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Far North said...

Oh nothing like having a friend to share stamping supplies and experiences! You are definately having fun and learn great stuff. Very nice work on your blog!...Jan
A friend from ranger link.