Friday, July 11, 2008

Background Intrigue - Glossy cs + Sharpies

Today's questions from Cassandra Cushman on artisttradingcards prompted me to get out my Sharpies. I thought I could gently blend this into an ultra-hip bg, while carefully retaining the colors.".

I said 'carefully'... but I had a "Juicy Lucy" on my blending tool and the first smear made apparent that my plans had gone awry! Good thing my 6 year old was there to say "Keep going, Mom!" We liked the result and named it "Dark Pearl

1 comment:

Mam said...

I don't get it! You're not telling me that those same sharpie colors turned into the pearl!?
So wha tis your blending tool. I have got to send for some Glossy. I haven't found any here. I know I can order it online, but I haven't looked everywhere here, either. Maybe Hobby Lobby.
Are you entering any of the challenges? That keeps me really cooking. Sometimes too much, even. I just finished my "romance" cards for Theme Thursday. They were fun.
Oh, and I did a new herbal article on my other blog. Are you interested in that?