Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Style Challenge -- The Swap!

So much happened at our meeting on the 29th that I am having to break it up into little chunks to post it all!

We finally got to swap our Challenge ATCs! Remember, the challenge was for each of us to prodruce one ATC in the style of the other person. I called it "If I Were You" and Sue called it "Pretending I'm You" either way, the results were...challenging! LOL

Here's what I made for Sue. I tried to be precise and methodical!

I dabbed bleach onto cardstock for the background. I printed the mother/child image on onionskin paper (THAT was a challenge in itself) and layered it over a strip of subtly shimmery gold paper as a mat. The silk bits came from an actual antique sewing kit the size of a matchbook and the sealing wax in the upper right is melted crayon! Hey "Take whatcha got and make whatcha want!"

Now here's Sue's entry: Remember, my own style is very mess-cat. So I told Sue that I still thought this was very tidy LOL She said "Yes, but these are COLORS I would never have used on my own!" LOL I love it!
I asked Sue for permission to publish her emails and artwork. Sue? Could you please describe your work for this ATC?

Challenges are just that: CHALLENGING!! We both agreed that this was hard to do, but we each are hungry for the next challenge!

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