Monday, July 14, 2008

Glazing Challenge - Experiment #1

Yay! I had so much fun with this! What we have here is a large piece of watercolor paper (about 9 x 12") with a good 8 - 12 layers of acrylic glazes in warm colors.

I used images printed on regular printer paper. I am finding that they do not hold up well under glazes. Next time I will print on gloss & see whether I can glaze that with better luck.

Thank you for looking! I really appreciate your comments and constructive criticisms.


Mam said...

Nothing new here! Are you glazing or what? I haven't done a lick of artwork today either.
You know, I like the guy a lot. His hands are awesome. You should try this again or paste another compass over the old one! This could be very nice. I do like the colors, the way they work together with the text coming through faintly.
I am going to make you an atc tomorrow. You need to send your address.

Juliet A said...

you have to be more specific in your remarks if you want any help from your readers.

I use laser printouts on plain copy paper, they work fine. The paper needs to be sized, but you knew that, right?