Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mistakes - ya gotta love 'em.

Learning from my mistakes:

*sigh* I loved this background so much. It's absolutely LUSH. And it was the word 'lush' that led me to put Janis Joplin on the card.

Papers: I am just now getting the hang of using the right papers for the job. Look closely at Janis. The adhesive (I don't remember what I used. Probably Uhu stick)created streaks in the image. Live & learn.

Inks: Know what you are working with! The only mistake I made with the gold ink (floral area) was using it without knowing what it was. I won't take all the blame, though. The unopened tube said Tsukineko Dauber Duos, with no mention whatsoever of the medium contained therein. Never again.(Today, through a little Googling, I learned that these are indeed pigment inks. Why not print that info on the little tube rolling around the studio?)

I still love this project idea. Maybe one day I will rework it with the right stuff.

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Mam said...

Wow! The way your focal point is shared by her hair and the golden part of the background is awesome. That wasn't a mistake! I can't see the streaks you were talking about. Great textures everywhere. I just saw a vid of Janis singing Summertime last night on a friend's site. Amazing little girl!