Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cobweb felt

So this is my first sample of cobweb felt.  I put a post-it beneath the piece to show the delicate transparency. This has me very excited. O, to work a cirrostratus scarf in sky blues and whites!

Once again, the Stark Raving Newbie has discovered a whole new realm with its own peculiar lingo...I am trying to learn the glossary and what it means to my work. VM...tops...merino... roving...half blood...really? Why are combs called cards??

I have borrowed some library books on the topic of felting. Ones that don't assume you know anything. VERY helpful since one must buy most supplies online...and know what the heck to buy!

One perk is that these supplies weigh practically nothing. Shipping costs are but a song!

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Brenda Harkness said...

What I ended up with after making this scarf was an infestation of moths. Now, I am a fan of Mothra, like you, but I have not wanted to play felting since then... :(